Friona Industries, L. P. began as single small feedyard in 1962 and has progressed to become one of the leading cattle feeding businesses in the world.

The Friona of today has four state of the art commercial cattle feeding facilities with one time capacity of 290,000 head,  which form the base of a vertically aligned production system that creates a consistent, reliable, safe, tender and flavorful fresh branded product line that is marketed in 2300 of the top retail stores in the U.S.  Our experience in creating the facilitative link between the cow/calf sector and the eventual end-user at the retail level has put our employees and our company in a unusual, information-based position as a facilitator of innovation and excellence in the beef industry.  Our mission statement communicates our belief that creating a valuable and popular consumer beef product creates the cornerstone of an informed, communicative, and responsive beef industry that can bring value and profitability to all segments and all participants:

    Mission Statement
  "Outstanding Cattle ... Great Feeding ... Satisfied Customer".

Friona Industries' Feedyard Division includes four state-of-the art cattle feeding facilities and a wide variety of informational and  financial services. Visit our Feedyard Division for more information on how we finish your cattle with your investment in mind.


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